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Referral Process

In submitting the online form, you must be aware that any or all of the four organizations could be involved in the review process.

Not all mental health and addictions programs offered by these four organizations are part of the centralized intake (see the services page for more information). If your need for service cannot be met by any of those programs, we will direct you to the most appropriate service.

The electronic form is received by one of the facilitators as soon as it is submitted. You may print off the downloadable form and fax or mail it (located on the form), but the referral will not be processed until it is entered by staff into the electronic form.

Online form

Crisis Services

The services offered through The Access Point Northwest are not crisis services. Please use Crisis Response Services if you are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Thunder Bay: 807-346-8282
District/Toll-Free: 1-888-269-3100
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Wait Times

The wait times presented on this website represent an average wait time for the generic service. Wait times for specific teams may vary from the average. Wait times are coming soon.

Case Management

Wait time varies

Chronic Pain Management

Wait time varies

Diagnostic Assessment
and Medication Review

Wait time varies

Outpatient Mental Health

Wait time varies

Supportive Housing

Wait time varies